Kitchen Helper

Lewis likes to hang out in the kitchen while Mommy cooks.

Play Ball...


Lewis and Daddy being silly!

Playin on the stuck under the sofa.

Funny Faces...Check out the hair!

Big boy sitting up!

Trip to England

We went back to England for a visit with Shaun's family. Here are some of the pictures from our trip...

Lewis did GREAT on the plane rides. He slept most of the time. While waiting in the airport he made some friends. The above pictures show Wendy and Lewis chillin at the airport and the other is Lewis in his pj's for the plane.

We made it...Lewis and Daddy crashed!!!

Meeting the fam!

Lewis with Nana, and Great-Nana

Lewis on his first train ride!!!
While in England Shaun got really sick and was in the hospital for a few days. We were only able to visit him two times a day for one hour and Lewis wasn't aloud on the ward so Shaun had to walk down to the food court so he could see Lewis.

Trip to Yellowstone

Shaun's dad came to Idaho for a weekend and decided to take a trip up to Yellowstone. Here are a few of our pictures...

Lewis with his Grandad!

The Martin Boys!

Lewis with Mommy and Daddy!

Havin Fun!

Old Faithful!!!

Shaun and Kevin


Our sick but still happy little boy!

Hangin out with mommy and daddy!

Finally put stuff on the wall.

Fun Hat!

Lewis loves story time with mommy!